Welcome to Swedish Gamers!
Welcome, dear gamer!

Whatever your goal is - to play alot of games, find people with similar taste in games as you or simply to socialize - this might be the place for you.
You do what you want at your own pace & speed.

The first thing you should do is to read the rules. They are stated in the "About" section. All rules are non-negotiable. They exist to ensure a nice enviroment for all members, no matter what.

Remember to always check this webpage for info about upcoming events (where you can win games & other prizes) etc.

We are always online on our Teamspeak - sometimes on Discord. ^^
Bored? Try theese games..
News April
3 new games for Steam is FREE!!
New games for both Steam & Epic in "Pay less - Play more".. Enjoy!
Removed the game "The search" from the Pay less - Play more list.
Removed & added new games for you to explore in "Pay less - Play more". Enjoy!
Re-designed "Pay less - Play more" and added new games...
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